The Big Short: Inside the doomsday machine

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Sometimes our minds wonder if what is happening in the world is actually right even though we are often convinced that nothing outright evil might be taking place. Sometimes we have dreams of becoming the people we see in the media who seem like paragons of success or gods of the corporate world. Though ignorance may be bliss or what we do not know may not harm us directly, sometimes a small revelation into some issues and matters in the community or a nation goes a long way into adjusting our attitudes and sails of life. It may become a reference point to use in raising our children, and with the wisdom thereof, equip them with the truth so that they may also endeavour to come up with solutions when their time comes.

As Michael Lewis writes, "he hopes that college students trying to decide what to do with their lives might read it and decide that it's silly to phony it up, and abandon their passions or even their faint interests, to become financiers." He hoped that some bright kid at Ohio State University who really wanted to be an oceanographer would hear his audiobook, spurn the offer from Goldman Sachs, and set out to sea.

Many things have taken place in the past, and others continue to occur even as you venture to consume this audiobook in a jiffy. They said that knowledge and only the right kind of knowledge is power. Wisdom springs forth from the beginning of experience, and the knowledge of this experience makes the wisdom far greater than one can imagine.

Michael Lewis' audiobook, "The Big Short", comes with knowledge of historical events inside Wall Street. It comes bundled with real life experiences of business persons, companies, co-operations, organizations, and individuals. The audiobook reveals what the world would have never known, or even heard.


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  • Date de publication : 06-05-2016
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