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Many of us would no more go out without our cell phone than we would leave the house without clothes. We live our lives on social media, and PDAs, tablets, computers, and other devices are completely integrated into our global culture. From connectedness to accessibility and instant access to information, a wealth of benefits accompanies this digital revolution. But what about the cost?
Weaving together history, popular literature, media, and industry hype, sociology, and psychology, and observations from over 18 years of clinical practice and research, Dr. Mari Swingle explores the pervasive influence of i-technology. Engaging and entertaining yet scientifically rigorous, i-Minds demonstrates:

How constant connectivity is rapidly changing our brains
What dangers are posed to children and adults alike in this brave new world
The positive steps we can take to embrace new technology while protecting our well-being and steering our future in a more human direction

This extraordinary book is a virtually indispensable look at a revolution where the only constant is change - food for thought about which aspects of technology we should embrace, what we should unequivocally reject, and the many facets of the digital era that we should now be debating.
Dr. Mari K. Swingle is a neurotherapist and behavioral specialist who practices at the highly-regarded Swingle Clinic. She holds a BA in visual arts, an MA in language education, and an MA and PhD in clinical psychology, and has won numerous awards for her post-doctoral work on the effects of i-technology on brain function.


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Convincing and eyes opening book

The book provides an in-depth analysis of the changes in humans brains and behavior among the recent years due to quick technological developments.
It's rather scientific and precise but seems to find a good balance to be still entertaining and amusing for an average reader, thanks to the popular language and a lot of examples and real-life case studies.
The book pays a lot of attention to the kids (even too much) and how are they raised those days and therefore it's a great position for every parent.
My biggest concern is the narration, which in some moments feels a bit like computer generated and is washed out of any 'emotions'.
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- mikus

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  • Date de publication : 08-02-2017
  • Éditeur : Post Hypnotic Press Inc.