• The Painted Man

  • The Demon Cycle, Book 1
  • De : Peter V. Brett
  • Lu par : Colin Mace
  • Série : The Demon Cycle, livre audio 1
  • Durée : 16 h et 54 min
  • Version intégrale Livre audio
  • Date de publication : 27/11/2014
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Éditeur : HarperCollins Publishers Limited
  • 4 out of 5 stars 4,0 (3 notations)

Avis de la presse

The masterful audiobook The Painted Man is Book 1 in The Demon Cycle series written by highly-acclaimed fantasy writer Peter V. Brett and narrated by voice artist Colin Mace. The darkness of night has never been so frightening. Death is upon anyone who ventures into the haunting demonic mist that encircles the village at night. It is up to one young boy and two unlikely comrades to set out bravely and save the entire human race from the clutches of evil. This is a pure feat of fantasy writing at its best. Available now from Audible.
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The stunning debut fantasy novel from author Peter V. Brett. The Painted Man, book one of the Demon Cycle, is a captivating and thrilling fantasy adventure, pulling the reader into a world of demons, darkness and heroes.Voted one of the top ten fantasy novels of 2008 by amazon.co.uk.
Sometimes there is very good reason to be afraid of the dark…Eleven-year-old Arlen lives with his parents on their small farmstead, half a day's ride from the isolated hamlet of Tibbet's Brook.
As dusk falls upon Arlen's world, a strange mist rises from the ground; a mist that promises a violent death to any foolish enough to brave the coming darkness, for hungry corelings - demons that cannot be harmed by mortal weapons - materialize from the vapours to feed on the living. As the sun sets, people have no choice but to take shelter behind magical wards and pray that their protection holds until the creatures dissolve with the first signs of dawn.
When Arlen's life is shattered by the demon plague, he is forced to see that it is fear, rather than the demons, which truly cripples humanity. Believing that there is more to his world than to live in constant fear, he must risk leaving the safety of his wards to discover a different path.In the small town of Cutter's Hollow, Leesha's perfect future is destroyed by betrayal and a simple lie. Publicly shamed, she is reduced to gathering herbs and tending an old woman more fearsome than the corelings. Yet in her disgrace, she becomes the guardian of dangerous ancient knowledge.
Orphaned and crippled in a demon attack, young Rojer takes solace in mastering the musical arts of a Jongleur, only to learn that his unique talent gives him unexpected power over the night.Together, these three young people will offer humanity a last, fleeting chance of survival.
©2008 Peter V. Brett (P)2014 HarperCollins Publishers Limited
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"I enjoyed The Painted Man immensely. Action and suspense all the way." (Terry Brooks)
"An absolute masterpiece… literally unputdownable, and deserves to be the next Big Thing in dark fantasy." (www.ozhorrorscope.com)
"A very accomplished debut fantasy. Recommended." (www.sfrevu.com. Readers Reviews)
"If the next two books in this series live up to this one it will be one day named as a classic fantasy series." (Joanne Horsley)
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Plus utile
4 out of 5 stars
Auteur(s) : Darryl TADMI le 04/06/2017

Such good story but ...

Amazing story, albeit it could use a more accurate rendering of emotions. Peter V. Brett storytelling is so great I could almost hear the characters' voices while reading. Hearing them now in a most of the time different harmonic, set of emotions and tonality really made me unease. Still it was done well enough to be enjoyable. :)

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