Resonance is a science fiction story about the predicted upcoming polar shift. Four scientists from different fields are tracking anomalies in today's environment and eventually meet at the beginning of the polar reversal. Animals are mutating, people are dying, and the last polar shift occurred at the same time the dinosaurs died out. This story will have readers contemplating which way their internal compasses point.
©2008 AJ Scudiere (P)2008 Griffyn Ink
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"Earth's magnetic poles have reversed in the past, and according to geologic history we are overdue for a new reversal. What do findings of mutating frogs, deaths that don't actually seem related to a disease and the last death of the dinosaurs have in common? Earth is about to find out that magnetic pole reversal isn't just a theory any more when all these things come together.This is well written Sci-Fi novel based on some of the current theories of pole reversal...This is one of the better ones I have read. The characters are well written and the writing smooth. The author isn't heavy handed with his reversal theories and his characters don't do the impossible. This said, the book is still enjoyable and if you like your Sci-Fi to have a basis in fact then this is worth taking the time to read as it is easily kept me reading without pause from beginning to end." ( K. Maxwell)
"Could a magnetic shift much like the one theorized to send the dinosaurs into extinction be around the corner? Resonance: Earth is Overdue... is a fictionalized doomsday scenario that follows Dr. Jordan Abellard and Dr. Jillian Brookwood. With few believing their claims, they are faced with the task of finding some way to save the human race from the same fate as their distant reptilian cousins. "Resonance: Earth is Overdue..." is an action packed thriller, highly recommended for community library collections." ( Midwest Book Review)
"Brilliant! I could not put this book down. The characters are believable and complex, the science is intriguing, and the plot kept me transfixed! Fasten your seatbelt and hang on for the ride. What a treat!" (H. Debord, Amazon Reviewer)
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