Learn French

  • Par Oliver Robichaud
  • Lu par John Fiore
  • 1 h 53 min
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Résumé de l'éditeur

The ultimate combo to learn French today! Are you looking for the best way to learn French? Well, look no further. This audiobook is, simply put, the best on the market for learning French. Why do I say that? Because this audiobook does what language books should do - teach you the mechanics of the language, not a bunch of tourist trap phrases that you'll forget the second you leave the country. If books don't do that, then they make the critical mistake of going into far too much detail, and managing to bore you half to death by virtue of the fact that they've spent 30 pages going on about three different kinds of articles. I don't do that either.
What this audiobook does do, and does very well in fact, is set you up with the knowledge that you want and need of French in a very short time frame, so that you can blast through this audiobook and already feel like you're set up for success. This audiobook isn't a reference, nor is it a crash course on the French language - it's both. You'll listen to this audiobook and understand, then you'll apply what you've learned (and inevitably look back at this audiobook down the line to rehash your memory), and you'll grow even more as a French speaker.
Don't waste your time and money on a subpar French book. Go with the best from the get-go. Learn French with stories. Learn French is the ideal audiobook for students of French who want to take their comprehension of the language to the next level. Rather than being a traditional French grammar audiobook, Learn French offers listeners a series of short, easy stories, in both French and English.


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A very nice idea failed(

Qu'est-ce qui a rendu l'écoute de Learn French agréable ?

The idea itself is pretty nice. It is a fairly good idea to learn a living language in context which gives learners a great opportunity of acquiring both vocabulary and grammar systematically.

Quel était le moment le plus mémorable de Learn French ?

The stories' plot

Qu'est-ce que vous n'avez pas aimé dans la performance de John Fiore ?

To my mind one must have a native speaker to read model texts for foreigners learning a language otherwise students will definitely memorize wrong pronunciation and intonation structure.

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- jack07IV

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  • Date de publication : 30-08-2017
  • Éditeur : Mastermind Self Development