History of the Ancient World: A Global Perspective : The Great Courses: Ancient History

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The ancient world has cast a long shadow, influencing our customs and religious beliefs, our laws, and the form of our governments. It has taught us when and how we make war or pursue peace. It has shaped the buildings we live and work in and the art we hang on our walls. It has given us the calendar that organizes our year and has left its mark on the games we play.
Grasping the full scope of your bequest from the ancient world can't help but give you a more nuanced base from which to make decisions and choose pathways in your own life. These 48 lectures take you on a multidisciplinary journey that ranges across not only the traditional domains of politics and war that are normally the province of history courses, but also those of religion, philosophy, architecture and the visual arts, literature, and science, and more.
You'll examine the ancient world's greatest civilizations from the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Americas - including those of Rome, Greece, China, Persia, India, and the Maya - not in isolation but in the full context of where they came from, the cultures that flourished around them at the same time, and the civilizations that were to come from them. Taking a comparative approach, Professor Aldrete's course includes in-depth analyses of not only key individuals and historical moments, but also history's most important themes, from the nature of rulership and the evolution of religion and philosophy to the practice of warfare and the expression of power through art and architecture.
With its mix of nuanced interpretation, vivid description, and constant attention to exploring history as a coherent whole, this is sure to be one of the most informative and thought-provoking history courses you have ever taken.
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Truly enjoyable learning journey with Prof Aldrete

I highly recommend this audio book to anyone who would like to have a wide and global perspective of the many ancient civilizations, while at the same time with sufficient depth in each to get a good appreciation. Prof Aldrete relates the topic with lots of enthusiasm, passion and interest. He makes you feel like sitting in his class! I particularly like his objectivity as well as linking the ancient past with the present. It really matters for us to understand this period of history, which is absolutely fascinating. The book is so good and informative, I think I shall listen the entire recording again ! Thank you Prof Aldrete !
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- Shook-Pui

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  • Date de publication : 08-07-2013
  • Éditeur : The Great Courses