History of Science: Antiquity to 1700 : The Great Courses: History of Science

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For well over 2,000 years, much of our fundamental "desire to know" has focused on science. Our commitment to science and technology has been so profound that these stand as probably the most powerful influences on human culture. To truly understand our Western heritage, our contemporary society, and ourselves as individuals, we need to know what science is and how it developed.
In this 36-lecture series, one of science's most acclaimed teachers takes you through science's complex evolution of thought and discovery, often originating from ideas that by today's technological perspective might be considered ridiculous or humorous, although many are still relevant today. You'll consider science's often fascinating history, from ancient times to the Scientific Revolution, in terms of several penetrating questions, including two of special importance: Who pursued science, and why? What happened, and why?
In the hands of Professor Principe, the history of science becomes far more than just a litany of dates, significant individuals, and breakthrough discoveries. In examining the evolution of science, he restores the vitally important context that has been lost from the discussion, showing how science is characterized by ideas that link eras widely separated in time. A primary theme is the relationship between science and religion. Today, we tend to see the two as separate and even antagonistic. Theology, in fact, is a principal motivator for scientific inquiry. And in the Middle Ages, Christianity and Islam were of paramount importance in preserving and furthering scientific knowledge.
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Where is the inquisition in this course?

This is surely the point of view of an indoctrinated american Christian. The inquisition is not talked about and the narrator is always minimizing the moments where religions blocks progress while hammering regularly that religion is the necessary fuel or complément to science. He also regularly negates the facts that the scientific méthod contradict most religions narratives... There is a hierarchy of information in this course that is clearly pushing a contemporary obscurantist american Christian agenda.
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- charles GATINE

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  • Date de publication : 08-07-2013
  • Éditeur : The Great Courses