The Political Pope

  • Par George Neumayr
  • Lu par Holden Still
  • 7 h 22 min
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Résumé de l'éditeur

The untold story of the Left's efforts to politicize the Vatican and the battle to stop it - before the Catholic Church as we know it is destroyed.
Pope Francis is the most liberal pope in the history of the Catholic Church. He is not only championing the causes of the global Left but also undermining centuries-old Catholic teaching and practice. In the words of the late radical Tom Hayden, his election was "more miraculous, if you will, than the rise of Barack Obama in 2008".
But to Catholics in the pews, his pontificate is a source of alienation. It is a pontificate, at times, beyond parody: Francis is the first pope to approve of adultery, flirt with proposals to bless gay marriages and cohabitation, tell atheists not to convert, tell Catholics to not breed "like rabbits", praise the Koran, support a secularized Europe, and celebrate Martin Luther.
At a time of widespread moral relativism, Pope Francis is not defending the church's teachings but diluting them. At a time of Christian persecution, he is not strengthening Catholic identity but weakening it. Where other popes sought to save souls, he prefers to "save the planet" and play politics, from habitual capitalism bashing to his support for open borders and pacifism.
In The Political Pope, George Neumayr gives listeners what the media won't: a bracing look at the liberal revolution that Pope Francis is advancing in the church. To the radical academic Cornel West, "Pope Francis is a gift from heaven". To many conservative Catholics, he is the worst pope in centuries.


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A must read for every catholic

If you are a catholic and puzzeled or confused by the messages of Pope Francis which stand in diametric opposition to Pope Benedict and Jean-Paul 2nd, I highly recommend this well documented collection of research which will give you many, many insights you would probably never be able to get otherwise.
I am thankful to all those who participated in the creation if this book.
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- Mischel Sylvie

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  • Date de publication : 02-05-2017
  • Éditeur : Hachette Audio