Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

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Do you want to stop drinking? Are you sick and tired of what drinking is doing to you or to your love one? Have you tried to quit drinking but never managed? If you're looking for a permanent solution to quit alcohol addiction, then this book is for you.
Alcohol is what we share in good times and is sometimes what we turn to in bad. You had a hard day, have a drink. Your spouse left you, have a drink. You're depressed, order a double. But there is a fine line between social drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism.
When alcohol IS the reason you are depressed and IS the reason your spouse left you, you may have crossed over the line; maybe you have even crossed over both lines and have become a full-fledged alcoholic.
Alcoholism is the addiction to alcohol. It is what happens when you not only abuse alcohol, but you are physically and mentally dependent on it as well. Your life revolves around drinking. Little by little, all else is tossed by the wayside. Your family, your job, your health, and all else that used to be so important to you become less important. In fact, oftentimes they seem to just get in the way.
Your spouse is harping about your frequent drinking. Your kids roll their eyes when you pop another top of beer. Your employer has called you into his office more than once saying your drinking has to stop. They just don't understand. Once again, you turn to the comfort of an old friend...alcohol.
Alcohol is deceiving. Although you see the signs, it is difficult, if not impossible, to put it down. Your body cries out for it. You can barely make it through a day without a drink and when you try, you begin to crave it and your hands get shaky, your stomach turns.
Does alcoholism have its grip on you?


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