Sense and Goodness Without God

  • Par Richard Carrier
  • Lu par Richard Carrier
  • 15 h 19 min
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Résumé de l'éditeur

If God does not exist, then what does? Is there good and evil, and should we care? How do we know what's true anyway? And can we make any sense of this universe, or our own lives? Sense and Goodness Without God answers these questions in lavish detail, without complex jargon. Arguing that there is only a physical, natural world without gods or spirits, noted historian and philosopher Richard Carrier presents and defends a complete worldview, one in which we can live a life of love, meaning, and joy. In the process, he covers every relevant subject, from knowledge to art, from metaphysics to morality, from theology to politics. Specific topics include free will, the nature of the universe, the meaning of life, the science of beauty, and much more.
Although written for a lay audience, Sense and Goodness Without God tackles the sophisticated attacks on naturalism by the likes of Plantinga, Moreland, Reppert, and others, and clearly and methodically explains why the naturalistic worldview is more credible than any other.


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  • Date de publication : 19-02-2013
  • Éditeur : Pitchstone Publishing