Real Magic : Nightingale-Conant: Spiritual Growth

  • Par Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  • Lu par Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  • Séries : Nightingale-Conant: Spiritual Growth
  • 5 h 59 min
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Résumé de l'éditeur

All of the great religions focus on it. And important thinkers, philosophers, and artists in history have talked about receiving inspiration from it. It is the great voice of beyond (and within) ourselves, surrounding and suffusing everything and everyone. It's the power to access true love, life, creativity, and peace. And whatever your particular faith names it, you can work miracles in your life with this power. Real Magic is about getting closer to the spiritual part of yourself, the divine core of serenity, the part of yourself that knows the truths of your faith. This is a guide for shifting your mind-set to experiencing a world where real magic is not only possible, it's practical. Real magic happens when you learn to create in your life what you previously thought to be impossible. It may be discovering abilities in yourself that you never thought you had, reaching a goal you'd barely dreamed of attempting, overcoming an addiction, or bonding with loved ones in more perfect and blissful relationships. In Real Magic, Dr. Wayne Dyer leads you to discovering the source of this power in your own life. You begin by realigning your way of thinking. It's deceptively simple and incredibly life-changing process. You'll hear practical advice. Ideas that will help you begin re-focusing your inner thoughts. Your learn how to:

Practice inner affirmations, giving yourself permission to adopt new ideas
Keep one little corner of your mind open to miracle making
Create a real magic zone in your mind
Give yourself the freedom to take heed of the good and the beautiful
Affirm your ability to create happy, fulfilling relationships
Practice trusting intuition, that inner voice that guides you in all things
Rid yourself of doubt
Find the "flow" state and use it for greater joy in your work.


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fantastic! i liked this book so much

as usual Dr Dyer explains how to create a better version of ourself in an easy way
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  • Date de publication : 14-10-2014
  • Éditeur : Nightingale-Conant