Past Life Regression

  • Par Anne Jirsch
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Have you ever had the feeling that you've been somewhere before, but it's your first visit? Or have you experienced a sense of déjà vu about a situation or felt you've met someone before when you are really meeting him or her for the first time?Well, more than two thirds of people believe in reincarnation - that we live lifetime after lifetime in order to learn and grow. Many people walking the earth right now have had numerous lifetimes in many guises. Past Life Regression can explore your past lives. Top psychic Anne Jirsch has been helping people uncover their past lives for over 20 years. She has found that, often, unexplained fears and phobias can be traced back to events in our past lives. During this audiobook, Anne shares some heart-warming stories of how she has used Past Life Regression to help her client's uncover why they have problems with certain people in their lives, helps them clear blocks that plague them and even discover talents and bring them into their present lives Anne will show you some simple to use techniques to help you tap into your past lives and find out where and when you lived, who you were, and what happened. Each experience is fascinating and unique. Anne Jirschitzka is a psychic with an extraordinary gift. She is also an intuitive tarot consultant, past life regressionist, and future life progressionist with over 30 years experience. Her busy schedule includes readings, teaching, and radio broadcasting. She has written three books: Instant Intuition, The Future Is Yours, and Cosmic Energy. Her large worldwide client base includes heads of industry, sporting personalities, pop stars and politicians. She has worked for a number of newspapers and radio stations, including BBC Radio Cambridge.


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  • Date de publication : 31-07-2009
  • Éditeur : Fetch UK Ltd