Guns, Germs and Steel

  • Par Jared Diamond
  • Lu par Doug Ordunio
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Pulitzer Prize, General Nonfiction, 1998
Guns, Germs and Steel examines the rise of civilization and the issues its development has raised throughout history.
Having done field work in New Guinea for more than 30 years, Jared Diamond presents the geographical and ecological factors that have shaped the modern world. From the viewpoint of an evolutionary biologist, he highlights the broadest movements both literal and conceptual on every continent since the Ice Age, and examines societal advances such as writing, religion, government, and technology. Diamond also dissects racial theories of global history, and the resulting work—Guns, Germs and Steel—is a major contribution to our understanding the evolution of human societies.


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In a nutshell, in this fascinating work, the author Jared Diamond sets out to explain why, in the 16th century, the Spaniards conquered Mexico and the Aztecs did not invade Spain.

He is adamant that any potential racial differences have nothing to do with it and explains that geography and the distribution of domesticable plants and animals are the key to understanding the unequal speed of development in various parts of the world throughout history.

Despite a few repetitions and an insistence on Papua-New Guinea that is only justified with his long personal presence there, his style is engaging and crystal clear.

This very enlightening offering is not at all dated and highly advisable to all interested in long term historical trends.
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- Pierre Gauthier

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  • Date de publication : 18-01-2011
  • Éditeur : Random House Audio