Getting More

  • Par Stuart Diamond
  • Lu par Marc Cashman
  • 18 h 39 min
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Résumé de l'éditeur

Negotiation is part of every human encounter, and most of us do it badly. Whether dealing with family, a business, or diplomacy, people often fail to meet their goals in every country and context. They focus on power and “win-win” instead of relationships and perceptions. They don’t find enough things to trade. They think others should be rational when they should be dealing with emotions. They get distracted from their goals.
In this revolutionary book, leading negotiation practitioner and professor Stuart Diamond draws on the research and practice of 30,000 people he has taught and advised in 45 countries over two decades to outline specific, practical and better ways to deal with others. They range from country and corporate leaders to administrative assistants, lawyers, housewives, students, and laborers. To this he adds his 40-year experience as an executive, Harvard-trained attorney, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.
Getting More is based on Professor Diamond’s award-winning negotiations course at The Wharton Business School, where it has been the most sought-after course by students for 13 years. It contains a powerful toolkit that can be used in any situation: with kids and jobs, travel and shopping, business, politics, relationships, cultures, partners and competitors.
The advice is addressed through the stories of hundreds of people who have used Diamond’s tools with great success. A 20% savings on an item already on sale. An extra $300 million profit in a business. A woman from India getting out of her own arranged marriage. A four-year-old willingly brushing his teeth and going to bed.
Instead of “win-win”, it sometimes makes more sense to lose today to get more tomorrow. The use of power, Diamond cautions, too often causes retaliation, harms relationships, and costs credibility. Walking out is almost never as good as understanding the other person’s perceptions and fixing the problem.


La voix des critiques

"This immensely useful book will have wide appeal and leave many readers anxious to put their new skills to work." ( Kirkus)


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So good!

Strong strong message! There is a framework to getting more in life, and it makes A lot of sense,
Very well explained and densely illustrated in this book
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- Val Lefebvre

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  • Date de publication : 28-12-2010
  • Éditeur : Random House Audio